Dr. Sayeedur Rahaman
Sibani Mandal Mahavidyalaya

From Secretary's Desk

Prof. Dr. Dayal Chand Sardar,
Sibani Mandal Mahavidyalaya.

Sibani Mandal Mahavidyalaya is the only General Degree College situated in the Namkhana Block in the Kakdwip Subdivision in South 24 Parganas near Bakhkhali. On one side of the college there is the continuous and pleasant flow of the river Hatania-Doania; on the other side the sea-shores of Bakkhali and Henri Island adorn the natural beauty. Amidst this beautiful landscape, this college was established in 2013 with sincere cooperation of Srimati Mamata Banerjee, the Honourable Chief Minister of this State, and with initiatives taken by the notable educationists and leaders like, Sri Parameswar Mandal, Sri Bankim Chandra Hazra (the MLA), Sri Srimanta Kumar Mali, Sri Akhiles Barui, Sri Dhirendranath Das, Sri Chittaranjan Kap, Sri Nityananda Das, Sri Nirmal Chandra Sharma, Sri Purnendu Shekhar Mandal and other well-wishers. The college is presently situated on the land measuring almost six acre adjacent to Namkhana-Bakkhali road.

Presently we have almost one thousand students; and most of them come from the small islands of Namkhana, Kakdwip and Patharpratima Blocks in Sundarban area. Interestingly, in our college, the female students outnumber the male by a large proportion. The common inhabitants of Namkhana Block are always advanced in education in spite of their struggle with the uncongenial forces of nature. Our college opens up for them an ample chance to fulfil their academic ambitions. However, at present the college offers Honours courses in Bengali, History, Geography, Education, Political Science and Sanskrit; and General courses in English, Chemistry, Biology and Botany.

As this is a new college, we are yet to be well equipped with need based infrastructural facilities. At present there are only four numbers of permanent Assistant Professors and five numbers of Govt. approved Non-teaching staff as follows:


  1. Dr. Dayal Chand Sardar, M.A., NET, Ph.D. (TIC/ Sub: Bengali)
  2. Ananya Das, M.A., SET (History)
  3. Soumik Banerjee, M.A., (Gold Medallist), NET, M.Phil. (English)
  4. Dr. Kavita Sarkar, M.A., NET, Ph.D. (Education)

MEMBERS OF THE NON-TEACHING STAFF (as approved by the Government)

  1. Sri Sandip Giri
  2. Sri Kalyan Brata Das
  3. Sri Gopal Chandra Das
  4. Sri Surajit Giri
  5. Sri Sourav Pramanik

The Guest Teachers are the indispensible part of this institution, and without their sincere and enthusiastic cooperation the functioning of the college would have been impossible. The members of the Governing Body, the teachers, the non-teaching members and the students maintain a cordial and respectful relationship in our college. In spite of much infrastructural deficiency the college is running smoothly because of the mutual cooperation among the members of the teaching and non-teaching staff, their untiring labour and commitment to the institution, proper planning for development of the college and quick implementation of plan taken by the authority. Besides, the invaluable advice of Prof. (Dr.) Sayeedur Rahman, the President of the newly-formed Governing Body of this college; the active role played by the members of the Governing Body nominated by the Govt. of West Bengal, namely, Sri Bankim Chandra Hazra (the MLA), Sri Srimanta Kumar Mali and Sri Akhiles Barui; and the important academic guidance provided by Prof. (Dr.) Siuli Saha Dalal and Prof. Rupam Pramanik, the members of the Governing Body nominated by the University of Calcutta, make this college continue a steady march towards progress. We believe, this new college, enriched with natural beauty, is going to be a model college in the Sunderban area in near future.